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A photojournalist works in a Caracas hotel room during the third day of a massive power outage. Alongside power cuts, journalists must navigate internet blackouts as Nicolás Maduro's government attempts to silence the news. (AFP/Juan Barreto)

Internet blackouts in Venezuela, and fighting for justice in the Maldives

John Otis, CPJ’s Andes correspondent, reports on Venezuela’s internet blackout and the impact it has had on Venezuelans’ ability to access news and information. Three journalists have been killed in the last week, in Afghanistan, Honduras, and Mexico. CPJ Asia Program Research Associate Aliya Iftikhar recently returned from a reporting mission to the Maldives, where…

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Journalists in Abuja gather at a press briefing at the Civil Society Situation Room, which collected information from thousands of election observers, including on attacks against the press. (Jonathan Rozen/CPJ)

Saudi Arabia arrests journalist on unknown charges

In Saudi Arabia, journalist Zuhair Kutbi was arrested on unknown charges, and Eman Al Nafjan and Hatoon al-Fassi, two of the four female journalists critical of the ban on women driving whom Saudi authorities arrested last year, were tried. They appeared in court Wednesday on charges under the cybercrime law, including supporting “hostile elements.” In…

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Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid, known as Shawkan, is hugged by his parents at his home in Cairo, Egypt, on March 4, 2019. (Amr Nabil/AP)

This week in press freedom: Egyptian photojournalist free after over 5 years in prison

Egyptian photojournalist and CPJ’s 2016 International Press Freedom Award winner Mahmoud Abou Zeid, known as Shawkan, was released from prison on Monday after spending over five years in detention on anti-state charges. The conditions of his release, however, are arduous: he will be under “police observation” for five years, meaning he will have to appear…

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Jorge Ramos, anchor at Spanish-language U.S. television network Univision, talks to the media as he prepares to leave Venezuela at the Simon Bolivar international airport on February 26, 2019. (Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

Caracas press crackdown goes from bad to worse

Venezuela’s political crisis continues to unfold, and the country’s press crackdown intensified over the past week. On Monday, a Univision news crew headed by reporter and anchor Jorge Ramos was detained for over two hours at the presidential palace in Caracas because Nicolás Maduro allegedly did not like the questions asked by Ramos. The crew’s…

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Egyptian journalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada was charged with spreading false news on social media on February 13. (Gianluca Costantini)

In Egypt, New York Times correspondent expelled, local journalist detained on false news charges

New York Times correspondent David D. Kirkpatrick was denied entry into Egypt on Monday. His phone was confiscated and he was held in the airport for seven hours without food or water before authorities forced him onto a flight back to London without explanation. The move against Kirkpatrick comes after authorities detained a local journalist,…

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