The Second Conference on the Freedom of the Press, Jerusalem

In 2015, the Jerusalem Press Club (JPC) hosted an international conference on The Freedom of the Press: Old Commitments, New Challenges. The Jerusalem Conference brought from all around the world 56 leading journalists with experience in covering war zones, editors and publishers, representatives of organizations working to safeguard freedom of the press and the protection of journalists, government officials and scholars. The Federation of European Press Clubs and the International Association of Press Clubs, as well as the Israel Press Council were official sponsors of the conference.

Following the conference, the participants signed the Jerusalem Declaration on the Freedom of the Press, calling upon governments, organizations and media owners “to respect the freedom of the press and to protect the journalists. By doing so, they will be serving not only the freedom of the press, but democracy itself.”

Emboldened by this initial success, the Jerusalem Press Club is running the conference for the second time, with a focus on Social Media and Press Freedom. CPJ’s Deputy Executive Director, Robert Mahoney, will participate.

WHEN: May 9 and 10, 2017

WHERE: Jerusalem Press Club