One Dangerous Year: Threats to journalism, from lawsuits to burnout

The Columbia Journalism Review and the Committee to Protect Journalists invite you to a special event marking the publication of CJR’s winter issue, which is devoted entirely to threats against journalists around the world. These are challenging, even dangerous times, to be a reporter. The president of the United States has targeted us, autocrats around the world are cracking down on reporters, police and the courts are moving against us. But we are also under threat from scores of lesser-known dangers, from the toll of a brutal news cycle to sexual harrassment in our own workplaces. Join CJR and CPJ, along with our partners Reuters and the Globe and Mail, for a half-day event exploring today’s threats to journalism. When: Monday, February 12 2 pm – 5 pm, with cocktails to follow Where:Thomson Reuters 333 Bay Street, 29th Floor Toronto Click to RSVP The afternoon will be broken down into three sessions including: Journalism under Trumpism: The threats against the press articulated by Donald Trump have spread and morphed throughout the United States and around the world. We’ll look at which domestic threats have materialized, and which haven’t, and will examine threats from within our own industry, including sexual harassment, a lack of workplace diversity, and employee burnout. The global threat: With the help of data from CPJ, we’ll examine where in the world reporters are most under threat and what shape those threats are taking. Myanmar, a case study: Since the detention of two of its journalists in Myanmar, Reuters has drawn attention from press advocates around the world to free its two reporters. We’ll update the story from experts involved and place the Myanmar case in the global context.