Journalism Safety Panel Discussion

Senior Adviser, Journalist Security, Frank Smyth of the Committee to Protect Journalists will participate in a round table discussion to analyze two proposed sets of industry principles.

Titled, “International Declaration for the Protection of Journalists” and “Self-Regulatory Safety Guidelines & Protocols,” the two sets of guidelines will be drafted and proposed by The International Press Institute (IPI), in cooperation with Al Jazeera Media Network, the International News Safety Institute (INSI) and the Africa Media Initiative (AMI) based on thorough, in-depth research and analysis of existing international mechanisms in the area of journalist safety as well as on best practices among journalists and media organisations. Before adoption, they will be reviewed at two round table panels, each comprised of approximately 30 experts representing major media houses, international media and press freedom organisations, media associations and professional organisations, legal experts, academics, lawyers and press freedom advocates and activists.

The development of these principles aims to promote journalist safety, both by raising awareness among journalists about international standards in this area, as well as encouraging best newsroom practices for the protection of journalists and media staff operating in hostile environments.

After review by the two panels, the final version of the documents will be presented at the third World Media Summit (WMS) hosted by the Al Jazeera Media Network in Doha, Qatar, from November 3 – 5, 2015.

When: September 14, 2015

Where: London, UK