Joining Forces to Fight Censorship and Surveillance

The Circumvention Tech Festival (CTFestival) gathers the community fighting censorship and surveillance for a week of conferences, workshops, hackathons, and social gatherings, featuring many of the Internet Freedom community’s flagship events.

Specifically, the festival enables the Circumvention Tech community to pool resources, share knowledge, and network. Developers can interact with on-the-ground activists; journalists can exchange stories with humanitarian workers; funders can meet end-users; and so forth.

Notably, the festival will feature two community-run series – one in English and one in Spanish – offering space for projects and individuals to host their own talks, hackathons, panel discussions, trainings, etc. The festival will also feature public events designed to familiarize the local Valencian community with the circumvention tech field.

When: March 1 -6

Where: Valencia, Spain

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