Internet Freedom Festival

CPJ is proud to be a 2017 Internet Freedom Festival Partner

Each year, the IFF brings together those who defend digital rights around the world – journalists, activists, technologists, policy advocates, digital safety trainers, and designers – in support of the following core goals:

1. Create an inclusive space and cultivate an atmosphere of trust for the Internet Freedom Community to pool resources, share knowledge, and network.

2. Increase the diversityof the Internet Freedom community by engaging perspectives from a variety of backgrounds brought by underrepresented groups.

3. Collectively improve the services, strategies, and tools offered to the most vulnerable individuals on the frontlines by mapping censorship, surveillance and access obstacles faced in different regions in the world.

The IFF nurtures collective efforts which, through diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration, support online freedom of expression, protection from digital threats, and expanded access to online spaces

The festival runs from March 6, 2017 to March 10, 2017

Learn more. Connect on Twitter @InternetFF