Here’s how you can get involved in this important issue:

Learn More

Be informed. Read about the use of criminal defamation laws as a tool to silence dissent, and learn about the campaign against this criminalization of speech. Read CPJ documents, key legislation, and jurisprudence on the issue.

Raise Awareness (English)

Use Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks to inform your contacts about this threat to free speech in the Americas. On Twitter, follow @pressfreedom, retweet our defamation-related posts, and tweet relevant information at us. Use the #defamation hashtag in your tweets to be sure you are seen by Twitter users interested in defamation issues.

Raise Awareness (En Español)

Follow @CPJAmericas to read about defamation and other press freedom issues in the Americas. This account, managed by our Americas program staff, will tweet entirely in Spanish. You can tweet relevant Spanish-language information at this account and RT its tweets to your followers. Make sure you use the #defamation hashtag in all of your own tweets.