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Questions about CPJ's Turkey report? Here, our answers.

By Joel Simon/CPJ Executive Director on October 29, 2012 11:05 AM ET

Last week's release of CPJ's report on Turkey's press freedom crisis generated widespread domestic media coverage and sparked a robust public debate. The response from Turkish journalists and commentators was largely positive, but there were some negative reactions as well. Turkey's Justice Ministry has promised a detailed response this week. Here is a summary of the criticism we received during several days of intensive media interviews, along with our responses.

CPJ has a political agenda in Turkey. Not true. CPJ has worked for 31 years to defend the rights of journalists around the world. We are non-partisan, non-ideological, and independent. We do not accept any government funding. As journalists ourselves, our sole interest is ensuring that our media colleagues in Turkey are able to work freely, without intimidation or the threat of jail. As background, the last time our organization was this active in Turkey was in the 1990s when authorities jailed as many as 78 journalists as part of a widespread crackdown. Many of those jailed at the time were journalists who wrote from a religious perspective and were persecuted for their views. When we included them on our list of imprisoned journalists, we were harshly criticized by the Turkish government--under different leadership at the time--and by much of the media establishment. We stood our ground and fought for the release of every single imprisoned journalist. Today we are guided by the same principles. No journalist should be imprisoned for his or her work.

You were duped by your Turkish researchers. False. The report was an organization-wide project and was written by experienced senior staff, under the coordination of our editorial director, Bill Sweeney, and our Europe and Central Asia program coordinator, Nina Ognianova. Our team of highly capable Turkish researchers, led by Özgür Öğret, was responsible for researching the cases of jailed journalists, which is an appendix to the main report. The case research was rigorous. Over a four-month period, our researchers reviewed lists of detainees compiled by the Justice Ministry and local and international groups, examined indictments, consulted underlying legal documents, interviewed defense lawyers, spoke with journalists covering the cases, and evaluated the published, firsthand accounts of the defendants themselves. Öğret traveled to New York to work alongside our editorial director throughout the editing process. Our research team provided the data, but CPJ staff made the determination on how to classify each imprisoned case. In compiling the main report, CPJ staff traveled to Turkey on three fact-finding missions in 2011 and 2012, meeting with dozens of journalists, analysts, and lawyers. The report was an institutional effort and as executive director I take full responsibility for its contents.

No one can trust your data because your last report cited just eight Turkish journalists in jail. In December 2011, CPJ published its prison census, which we have been compiling and publishing annually since 1985. This was not a special report on Turkey, but rather a global survey of every country in the world. In an open letter to Prime Minister Erdoğan on December 22, 2011, CPJ wrote that we believed there were many other journalists in prison in Turkey, in addition to the cases confirmed in the census. We committed to carrying out a systematic review of those cases to determine whether they were in fact jailed for their professional work as journalists. We have now completed that review and have confirmed that a total of 61 journalists are in jail in Turkey for their work. We also researched an additional 15 cases but did not classify them as confirmed either because there was insufficient information to determine whether they were jailed for their journalism, or because they may have been jailed in retaliation for their political activism. CPJ's next global prison census will be published in December.

It's absurd for CPJ to suggest that Turkey is more repressive than Iran or Eritrea. It is absurd, and we would never suggest it. What we reported, based on diligent research, is the objective fact that Turkey has more journalists in jail than either country. We recognize that Turkey is an emerging democracy, economic success story, and regional leader. The public debate about our report indicates just how lively and vibrant the media in Turkey can be. However, the nation's inarguable position as the world's leading jailer of journalists invites inevitable comparisons to other countries that jail journalists.

Turkey's press freedom problems involve more than imprisonments. We agree. Although the imprisonment of journalists is a focal point, our report explores a broad range of threats to freedom of the press. We examine the routine prosecution of journalists on criminal charges related to newsgathering; the use of government pressure to instill self-censorship in the media; and the failure to reform vaguely worded penal and anti-terror statutes that are applied regularly against the press.

The language you used in your report was unduly harsh and insulting. We respectfully disagree. The report was critical but fair. It was meticulously researched and fact-checked and our conclusions and analyses were supported by detailed evidence. We used direct but measured language to communicate the reality that the Turkish media is currently under extreme pressure and that dozens of journalists are now in jail for their work.

CPJ is not the judge and jury. It's up to the Turkish courts to determine guilt and innocence. We agree. Our role is to review the available evidence and to make informed public judgments about whether the facts support the very serious charges leveled against the journalists cited in our report. We hope that Turkish authorities will carry out a similar exercise and decline to pursue cases in which there is insufficient evidence to win convictions. While we believe that none of the 61 cases have merit, we also are ready to examine any new evidence that arises. If warranted, we are prepared to adjust our conclusions. We are asking to meet with Turkish officials in Ankara next month and we are hopeful that a productive exchange will take place.


Your report is false and you know it. There are no real "journalist" in jail in Türkiye.

Ask the European Council for Human Rights, which has so far not accepted one of the many complaints of your pseudo journalist...

Here are some pictures of of the crimes your "victims" have done:

(search for them and look for the pics)

Erdal Süsem: member of the TKPML TIKKO, wounded two police officers in Kartal / Istanbul on 3/21/2000.
1- Abdulcebbar Karabeğ, Azadiya Welat (AW) Gazetesi Mersin Temsilcisi.
2- Abdullah Çetin, Dicle Haber Ajansı (DİHA) Muhabiri.
3- Ahmet Akyol, DİHA Muhabiri
4- Ahmet Birsin, Gün TV Genel Yayın Koordinatörü
5- Ahmet Şık, Gazeteci-Yazar
6- Ali Buluş, DİHA Muhabiri
7- Ali Çat, AW Gazetesi Çalışanı.
8- Ali Konar, AW Elazığ Temsilcisi.
9- Aydın Yıldız, DİHA Muhabiri
10- Ayşe Oyman, Özgür Gündem (ÖG) Gazetesi Editörü
11- Aziz Tekin, AW Mardin Temsilcisi
12- Baha Okar, Bilim ve Gelecek Dergisi Editörü
13- Bahar Kurt, Tavır Dergisi Sahibi
14- Barış Pehlivan, Odatv Genel Yayın Yönetmeni
15- Barış Terkoğlu, Odatv Haber Müdürü
16- Bayram Namaz, Atılım Gazetesi Yazarı
17- Bayram Parlak, Gündem Gazetesi Mersin Temsilcisi
18- Bedri Adanır, Aram Yayınları Sahibi ve Genel Yayın Yönetmeni, Kürtçe Hawar Gazetesi Yazı İşleri Müdürü
19- Behdin Tunç, DİHA Muhabiri
20- Cengiz Kapmaz, ÖG Yazarı
21- Cihan Deniz Zarakolu, Belge Yayınları Editörü ve Çevirmeni
22- Cihan Gün, Yürüyüş Dergisi Muhabiri
23- Coşkun Musluk, Odatv Yazarı
24- Çağdaş Kaplan, DİHA Muhabiri
25- Çağdaş Ulus, Vatan Gazetesi Muhabiri
26- Davut Uçar, Etik Ajans Müdürü
27- Deniz Kılıç, AW Batman Temsilcisi
28- Dilşah Ercan, AW Gazetesi Çalışanı
29- Dilek Demiral, Gazeteci, ÖG Eski Editörü
30- Dilek Keskin, Atılım Gazetesi Muhabiri
31- Doğan Can Baran, Odak Dergisi Yazarı
32- Doğan Yurdakul, Odatv Yazarı
33- Erdal Süsem, Eylül Dergisi Editörü
34- Erdoğan Altan, DİHA Muhabiri
35- Erol Zavar, Odak Dergisi Sahibi ve Yazı İşleri Müdürü, Şair
36- Ertuş Bozkurt, DİHA Editörü
37- Eser Sevgül, Halkın Günlüğü Gazetesi Muhabiri
38- Fatma Koçak, DİHA Yazı İşleri Müdürü
39- Faysal Tunç, DİHA Muhabiri
40- Ferhat Çiftçi, AW Gaziantep Temsilcisi
41- Feyyaz Deniz, DİHA Muhabiri
42- Füsun Erdoğan, Özgür Radyo Eski Genel Yayın Koordinatörü
43- Hakan Soytemiz, Red ve Enternasyonal Dergilerinin Yazarı
44- Halit Güdenoğlu, Yürüyüş Dergisi Sahibi ve Yazı İşleri Müdürü
45- Hamdiye Çiftçi, DİHA Muhabiri
46- Hatice Duman, Atılım Gazetesi Sahibi ve Yazı İşleri Müdürü
47- Hüseyin Deniz, Gazeteci
48- İhsan Sinmiş, AW Çalışanı
49- İsmail Yıldız, Dersim Gazetesi Yazı İşleri Müdürü
50- Kaan Ünsal, Yürüyüş Dergisi Muhabiri
51- Kadri Kaya, DİHA Diyarbakır Bölge Bürosu Temsilcisi
52- Kazım Şeker, ÖG Editörü
53- Kenan Karavil, Radyo Dünya Yayın Yönetmeni
54- Kenan Kırkaya, DİHA Ankara Temsilcisi
55- Mazlum Özdemir, DİHA Diyarbakır Editörü
56- Mehmet Emin Yıldırım, AW Gazetesi Genel Yayın Yönetmeni
57- Mehmet Güneş, Türkiye Gerçeği Dergisi Yazarı
58- Mehmet Karaaslan, DİHA Mersin Muhabiri
59- Mehmet Karabaş, haberdiyarbakir.org Yayın Yönetmeni Yardımcısı
60- Mehmet Yeşiltepe, Devrimci Hareket Dergisi Çalışanı
61- Murat Aydın, DİHA Muhabiri
62- Murat Çiftçi, DİHA Ankara Muhabiri
63- Murat İlhan, AW Çalışanı
64- Musa Kurt, Kamu Emekçileri Cephesi Dergisi Yazı İşleri Müdürü
65- Mustafa Gök, Ekmek ve Adalet Dergisi Ankara Temsilcisi
66- Müyesser Yıldız, Odatv Yazarı
67- Naciye Yavuz, Yürüyüş Dergisi Muhabiri
68- Nahide Ermiş, Demokratik Modernite Dergisi Yayın Kurulu Üyesi
69- Nedim Şener, Milliyet Gazetesi Muhabiri
70- Nevin Erdemir, ÖG Editörü
71- Nilgün Yıldız, DİHA Muhabiri
72- Nurettin Fırat, ÖG Yazarı
73- Nuri Yeşil, AW Dersim Temsilcisi
74- Oktay Candemir, Gazeteci
75- Ozan Kılınç, AW Eski İmtiyaz Sahibi ve Yazı İşleri Müdürü
76- Ömer Çelik, DİHA Muhabiri
77- Ömer Çiftçi, Demokratik Modernite Dergisi İmtiyaz Sahibi
78- Ömer Faruk Çalışkan, Özgür Halk Dergisi Yazı İşleri Müdürü
79- Pervin Yerlikaya, DİHA Muhabiri
80- Ragıp Zarakolu, Gazeteci-Yazar, Belge Yayınları Sahibi ve Yayın Yönetmeni, Türkiye Yayıncılar Birliği Yayımlama Özgürlüğü Komitesi Başkanı
81- Ramazan Pekgöz, DİHA Diyarbakır Editörü
82- Rohat Emekçi, Diyarbakır Gün Radyo Spikeri
83- Ruken Ergün, AW Eski İmtiyaz Sahibi ve Yazı İşleri Müdürü,
84- Sadık Topaloğlu, DİHA Urfa Muhabiri,
85- Sait Çakır, Odatv Yazarı
86- Sebahattin Sumeli, Özgür Halk Dergisi Editörü
87- Sedat Şenoğlu, Atılım Gazetesi Genel Yayın Koordinatörü
88- Selahattin Aslan, Demokratik Modernite Dergisi Çalışanı
89- Semiha Alankuş, DİHA Editörü
90- Sevcan Atak, Özgür Halk Dergisi Editörü
91- Seyithan Akyüz, AW Adana Temsilcisi
92- Sibel Güler, Gazeteci
93- Sinan Aygül, DİHA Bitlis Muhabiri
94- Soner Yalçın, Odatv İmtiyaz Sahibi, Gazeteci-Yazar
95- Songül Karatagna, ÖG Çalışanı
96- Şahabettin Demir, DİHA Muhabiri
97- Tayyip Temel, AW Eski Genel Yayın Yönetmeni ve Yazarı
98- Turabi Kişin, ÖG Editörü
99- Turhan Özlü, Ulusal Kanal TV Genel Yayın Yönetmeni
100- Vedat Kurşun, AW Eski Yazı İşleri Müdürü
101- Yalçın Küçük, Gazeteci-Yazar
102- Yüksel Genç, ÖG Yazarı
103- Zeynep Kuray, Birgün Gazetesi Muhabiri
104- Ziya Çiçekçi, ÖG İmtiyaz Sahibi
105- Zuhal Tekiner, DİHA İmtiyaz Sahibi

Here a few names, search for pictures and videos, you will find them online, no matter if you speak turkish or not:


You should have the guts to publish my comments, although they are against your opinion!

:) Or are you an orwellian protector of "free" journalist?

You should write an article about America, I know at least two "free journalists" who were silenced by obama:

1. Terry Jones, a christian "journalist" was stopped by obama as he wanted to burn a quran to promote peace and happiness. IT WAS A DIRECT INTERVENTION IN THE RIGHTS OF THIS PULITZER JOURNALIST! HE IS AS GOOD AS THE TERRORIS- ähh no JOURNALISTS IN THE LIST ABOVE!


2. SAM BACILE aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a journalist from egypt working for the m ss d made a great fantasy film prduction about the prophet Mohammed. It was a hit in the WASG world, but he is in prison now! Obama has done it! FREE HIM!

Here some book you can buy online in Türkiye:

(Erdogan as a jew)


(Erdogan as Hitler (they same author!))


You can buy these books freely in Türkiye. Just as you like, Erdogan as a Nazi or jew. Also avaible: an armenian, a russian, an arab etc...

These is a crazy land, indeed, but there is no oppression of journalist who do the work for rich conglomerats (the owners of the papers are always "organized)


Fox Hunter, I checked the pictures and videos. Yalcin Kucuk for instance definitely looks like a terrorist planning on murdering innocent people.

Well I like Fox Hunter's style of play -very popular these days among the ruling party politicians and their "comissar" so-called "journalists".

There are 2 books published against Erdoğan = Press freedom

Press freedom can be debated in Turkey = Press freedom

LOL. Let's take the very same logic and paint it elsewhere:

There is a parliament in Iran = Democracy

Elections in Russia where total votes equal to %140 = Democracy

I know you were looking for this sinisterly Islamic, ultra-agressively capitalistic government for almost a century now, and now that you've got it, it has to thrive like a pool of bacteria does on a creamy cake. It should trample anything it encounters like a toddler without showing any mature emotions towars it -it shouldn't have been where the feet were headed anyway.

Such unabashed march was not even experienced when AKP and its zealous supporter base's favorite topic -28 February period was in full force against the religious journalists and politicians.

Revenge, or thanks to AKP's 10-year-long gradually vigorized despotism proved us we could easily coin the term "revanchism" at macro scale is undoubtedly one of the most pressurizing factors on the hard spring called "society". No matter which ideology it could be implemented by, the consequences are almost identical to each other -polarization and social conflict at varying levels.

So before attacking such study with un/misfounded beliefs -one could hardly call them ideas for they are far from reason-, I'd suggest taking a look at the mirror or at least try to imagine all of the parties in front of a mirror.

Until then, good night with the Google-imagable list of terrorists and two controversial books.

I do still remember Tayyip Erdogan swinging the book in his hand calling it "a bomb" during times of apprehension of Ahmet Şık and Nedim Şener.

The government and the puppet media are lucky to have both released prior to CPJ's conclusion of the report.

The appeal court case against the kurdish tv-channel ROJ TV started monday 29th oct in CPH DK in Eastern High Court with 40 meetings planned.
The trial against ROJ TV is part of Erdogans and Turkeys surpression on journalists an the Kurdish issue.
I wear the CPJ-report report at every court meeting as an alarming jewelery.


I love your arguments:

- 2 parties in America = enough demo crazy
- EU is a noble price peace project= Sells more arms to the world than america --> Obama was the last noble price keeper. He must start a war to sell more guns than the EU!

You dont like Iran and Türkiye? Fine. Put away your masks and try to get the voters. NO external financing or promotion. Bring something new into politics and you will get the votes in Türkiye.

But with this games, you loose even more support. Your the 5th column, for whom?

@simonsen The PKK TV is nothing but propaganda. I am a Kurd myself, but they are not representing my nation. They sell dope, human, cigarettes and meat, coming from Afghanistan smuggled into Europe. They kill and oppress everyone who stands against them. So your support is for killing wannabe pol pot regime...

What I miss in your researches are the palestine reporters? Did you have a list of killed palestine journalist? Have you ever made a list of them? Or are you blind on the atrocities of the apartheid system in occupied Palestine?

@Foxhunter, Thursday in Eastern Court Cph the second Court meeting in the ROJ TV case an anonymous witness from the Danish Secret Service, PET was investigated. Funny enough he had written a report with somewhat the same information as you deliver. He told from the witness stand under oath that he his information are taken from U.S. open sources, such as the U.S. think tank Rand, Homeland Maryland's databases and NCTC. He also had statements from former PKK-members. But NO information about the other part of this unfortunate conflict, namely Turkey. But the turkish state terror never figures in those kind of databases, wonder why?
Although there is a conflict between two parts - the Kurdish people and the Turkish state - concentrating the prosecution only on the PKK.
In my democratic optic both sides has to be illuminated to assess a situation.

.... and I'll still wear the CPJ-report as an alarming jewelry at the next 38 Court Meetings in the ROJ TV-case!

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