Democracy Now! producers arrested at RNC

September 2, 2008 4:54 PM ET

Producers Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, and Nicole Salazar from Democracy Now! were arrested while reporting on street demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. All three journalists were released today. Also arrested was Associated Press photographer Matt Rourke.

This video shows Amy Goodman being placed under arrest:

Nicole Salazar shot this footage of her own arrest:


What is happening in Iraq is what is in store for the American people. They are practicing their horror methods to be used on any American who does not tow the corporate line. Watch out America the dark side is here.

The arrests of journalists in St. Paul, MN during the Republican National Convention show that the safeguards that people assume are in place --- to allow the media to report freely on any event it chooses, is an assumption far from true. The journalists' charges have been dropped after pressure was exerted but nothing can retrieve the news that the journalists were prevented from reporting or the damage to the U.S. Constitution.

The lack of ongoing exposure of the illegal apprehension of journalists in St. Paul from media powerful corporate-owned outlets such as PBS, CBS, NBC, CNN and ABC-- is an indication that constitutional breaches are expanding without notice. As former CBS news anchor Dan Rather came to realize, no one is protected from the lashings of the power establishment if they do not play ball 100%.

I call on Journalist-Protection-Organizations to develop campaigns that include communication through faxing, website petitions and telephone calls TO MAINSTREAM MEDIA as well as CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES.

-CS in Beulah, Michigan

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