Marwa Morgan/Middle East and North Africa Program Intern

Marwa Morgan is CPJ's Middle East and North Africa program intern. She previously worked as a reporter and photojournalist for Ahram Online and Daily News Egypt. Her freelance work was published in several international outlets, including The Guardian and NPR. She holds a Master of Science in journalism from Boston University.

A worker cleans a EU flag in Berlin on May 19, 2017. The EU parliament is due to vote on October 12 on a proposed review mechanism of surveillance tool exports. (AFP/John MacDougall)

Press at risk as EU-based companies export surveillance software to hostile regimes

In August, Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen told the daily newspaper Information that the government had authorized sales of online surveillance software to several Middle Eastern countries. While acknowledging the potential for human rights violations that could result from the use of these tools, the minister said that Denmark has an interest in the fight…

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