Kerry Paterson

Kerry Paterson is the research associate for CPJ’s Africa program. She was an associate editor of the Journal for International Law and International Relations, and has worked with Médecins Sans Frontières, the Women's Media Center's Women Under Siege, and Massachusetts General Hospital's Division of Global Health and Human Rights. Paterson has engaged in health and human-rights related work and research in Latin America, East and Central Africa, and the Balkans.

Resources for journalists covering the environment or extreme weather

Whether you’re a reporter on the frontlines of extreme weather events like fires and flash floods or an environmental journalist digging into stories of corruption, poor governance, bad business, or the science of the climate crisis, the list of potential risks is long. CPJ has assembled resources intended to help journalists carry out this critical…

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Legal Resources for Journalists

Around the world, journalists and independent media outlets are facing an alarming increase in legal threats. From claims of criminal defamation and strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs), to trumped-up charges intended to bankrupt newsrooms into silence, the legal landscape for journalists is both complicated and rapidly evolving. CPJ has assembled a series of resources…

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Journalist Safety: Elections

During elections, journalists frequently cover rallies, campaign events, and protests, which can increase their risk of being attacked, harassed, and detained. Journalists covering elections can also find themselves targeted digitally, subject to online abuse and intimidation.  CPJ has created a series of resources intended to help journalists better prepare for election-related assignments, or to cope…

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Journalist Safety: U.S. midterm elections

In the lead-up to the 2022 U.S. midterm elections, CPJ has created and gathered a range of resources for journalists who are reporting on the elections and related political events. Journalists covering elections and political rallies in the U.S. in recent years have been subjected to online and verbal harassment and even physical assault, CPJ…

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Rafael Marques de Morais outside a Luanda court on May 25. Criminal defamation charges have been reinstated against the investigative journalist just days after they were dropped. (AFP/Estelle Maussion)

Angola turns tables on Marques de Morais, reinstates criminal defamation charges

Angolan journalist Rafael Marques de Morais is once again facing the threat of prison after the public prosecutor reinstated charges of criminal defamation on Monday. Seven Angolan generals have been pursuing criminal defamation charges against the investigative journalist over the publication of his 2011 book Blood Diamonds: Torture and Corruption in Angola, in which he…

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