José Barbeito/CPJ Americas Research Associate

José Barbeito, research associate for CPJ's Americas Program, is an Argentine native. He has a bachelor’s degree in law and is pursuing a master’s degree in media studies at The New School University. Follow him on Facebook @ CPJ en Español.

Santiago's funeral. (Reuters)

Paper will curb coverage to protect reporters’ lives in Juárez

The major daily in the war-wracked Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez, El Diario, surprised media around the globe on Saturday when it published an unusual editorial that openly compromises the paper’s coverage in order to preserve its journalists’ lives.Under the headline, “What do you want from us?,” the editorial pleads for the cartels to stop killing journalists, and asks…

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CPJ en Español is now on Facebook

We’re pleased to launch CPJ’s official Facebook page in Spanish, CPJ en Español. We hope to engage our followers throughout Latin America in an ongoing conversation about press freedom challenges in the region.

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The government barred some news coverage of the first round of voting, won by Juan Manuel Santos. (AP/Fernando Vergara)

Decree limited Colombian presidential vote coverage

Among the regulations for Colombia’s presidential election on Sunday, the government barred the press from publishing Election Day news about alleged voter harassment or other irregularities unless it was confirmed by an official source. Local press groups said the rule limited important information on the very sort of illegal actions that have beset Colombian elections…

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