Clifford Derrick/CPJ Africa Correspondent

Clifford Derrick is a freelance journalist based in Johannesburg. He has served as CPJ’s Africa correspondent.

Dasar (Clifford Derrick)

Somali journalist lives under threat, in fear in South Africa

Violence has cut through the life of 28-year-old journalist Abdulahi Ibrahim Dasar, from his high school days in Kismayo, the third-largest city in Somalia, to his life as a refugee in South Africa. The turbulence of Dasar’s life also explains his entry into journalism, a profession that has made him a target of assassination by…

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Police patrol the World Cup grounds in South Africa. (AFP)

Press freedom gets red card as World Cup approaches

As South Africa prepares to host the 2010 World Cup and “soccer fever” reaches its height, press freedom may be left on the benches. Police have recently subpoenaed two journalists working for private station to reveal their sources in a story about a scheme to commit violent crimes during the big event.  On January 16,…

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Blessing Bayo Ohu and four of her children. (Vanguard)

Q&A: Wife enters journalism after husband’s murder

The killers of Nigerian Editor Bayo Ohu are still a mystery, three weeks after his murder. Now the family of the former Guardian newspaper journalist lives in fear. Ohu was shot dead early on Sunday morning, September 20, by a gang of five armed men and a woman in his apartment in Egbeda, a Lagos…

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