Abu Bakr Bashir

Abu Bakr Bashir is a Palestinian journalist from Gaza, where he covered news for the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Japan's JIJI PRESS. In 2019, he relocated with his family to London, where he worked for Qatar's Al-Araby TV and the Palestinian Alghad TV channel before becoming London reporter for Egypt's AlQahera News. He is covering the ongoing war in Gaza remotely for NPR and The New York Times. 

Palestinian journalist Abu Bakr Bashir covers a Japanese cultural event in Khan Yunis, Gaza, for Japan’s JIJI PRESS. (Photo: Courtesy of Abu Bakr Bashir)

I was a journalist in Gaza. The place I call home is gone now.

I was 13 when my father moved our family from Libya back to my parents’ hometown of Deir al-Balah in central Gaza. It was 1994, a time of optimism. Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization had signed the Oslo Accords and Palestinians were heading toward an independent state. Gaza, with its successful businesspeople and its…

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