International journalists denied entry to Venezuela before September 1 protest

New York, August 31, 2016–Authorities in Venezuela denied entry to at least six journalists, including CPJ Andes correspondent John Otis, who were traveling to the country to cover a protest tomorrow demanding a recall referendum on President Nicolás Maduro. Authorities said the journalists did not have the proper documentation to enter the country to work, Otis, who was on assignment for NPR, said.

“We urge Venezuelan authorities to allow journalists to cover events in Venezuela, in the midst of a deep economic and political crisis,” said Carlos Lauría, CPJ’s senior program coordinator for the Americas. “Authorities should expedite timely permission for journalists so the international press can report first-hand on these important events.”

Marie-Eve Detoeuf, a correspondent with the French daily Le Monde, César Moreno, who works for Caracol Radio in Colombia, Dora Glottman, of Caracol TV, and Otis were turned back today when they attempted to enter the country at Caracas airport, Otis said. Two Al-Jazeera journalists, Teresa Bo, a correspondent, and Lagmi Chávez, a producer, were denied entry yesterday on the same grounds, according to reports.