Journalist for Maldivian television station to stand trial

On April 12, 2016, Adam Zareer, a videographer for the pro-opposition Maldivian television station Raajje TV was served a summons to appear in court on April 24 on charges of obstructing police duties while reporting on an anti-government demonstration in March 2015, according to the Maldives Independent and a fellow Raajje TV journalist writing on Twitter. Zareer, who was covering the demonstration, was arrested at the March 25 protest and placed in a five-day remand, according to CPJ research. He was not immediately charged.

Three other journalists from Raajje TV face similar charges: Mohamad Wisam, Leevaan Ali Nasir, and Mohamed Fiyaz Moosa.

Authorities have singled out Raajje TV for harassment repeatedly in recent years, according to CPJ research. In October 2013, masked men set fire to its offices. The station’s journalists have been assaulted repeatedly in recent years. No one has been held accountable for the attacks, according to the broadcaster.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This text has been changed to reflect that four, not five journalists from Raajje TV face criminal charges for their work, and to correct the spelling of Leevaan Ali Nasir’s name.