Pakistanis address violence on Pakistani journalists

There is an absolutely terrific seven-part special report by The News on Sunday on Pakistan’s problem with the killing of journalists and the impunity surrounding their deaths. It’s written by and for Pakistanis, with compelling direction from Adnan Rehmat of Intermedia Pakistan–and not only describes and analyzes the problem, but offers approaches to potential solutions.

The series is mandatory reading for anyone concerned about not just Pakistani journalists, but the future of the entire country. “It is not just about us; the crimes against journalists are a reflection of the society we are shaping. They clearly involve the state, in preventing this from happening and in providing assistance, legal recourse etc.,” as the News‘s lead editorial says.

The series reflects growing awareness among journalists in Pakistan of their own obligation to secure their safety as well as address the need to more fully professionalize their industry (see, for example, August’s post, “Principled broadcasting in Pakistan, a work in progress,” about  Geo Asool, what Geo TV calls its “social contract with our viewers.”). Increasingly, Pakistani journalists are aware that they are responsible for their success and survival, given the state’s inability to protect them or bring their killers to justice. 

UPDATE: This post has been changed to reflect that Adnan Rehmat is affiliated with Intermedia Pakistan, not Internews Pakistan as previously stated.