Letter from CPJ, OPC to Iran

April 22, 2010 

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran 
c/o Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations 
 622 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Your Excellency:

The Overseas Press Club of America, an international association of journalists working in the United States and abroad, and the Committee to Protect Journalists, a New York-based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to defending press freedom worldwide, want to express our deep concerns about your government’s treatment of journalists and its unabated harassment of Newsweek correspondent Maziar Bahari.

Bahari, who was imprisoned in Iran for 118 days on fabricated antistate charges following last year’s disputed June presidential election and who continues to face legal action in Iran, told CPJ that family members in Tehran had received a threatening phone call on Saturday from a man who identified himself as an Iranian court official.

The caller threatened unspecified consequences if Bahari continued to speak out on behalf of his imprisoned colleagues. Bahari, who also serves as a consultant to a campaign calling for the release of imprisoned Iranian journalists and writers, has made numerous statements and appearances advocating for the many Iranian journalists who remain imprisoned and continue to face baseless criminal charges.

“Tell Maziar that he shouldn’t think we don’t have access to him because he is not in Iran,” said the male caller, who did not identify himself by name. “The situation is getting dangerous now. Anything can happen without advance notice.”

We denounce this and similar threats made to Bahari and numerous other Iranian journalists, a pattern of intimidation designed to control news coverage and browbeat reporters into submission. Bahari told CPJ that this is the first time such threats have been expressed to family members. He said that he had previously been contacted through intermediaries in an effort to convince him to keep quiet. He also stated that during his incarceration, he was told that the Revolutionary Guard has “foreign branches that can bring you back in a bag.”

We ask that you instruct the relevant authorities to end their sustained campaign of intimidation and harassment of Bahari and dozens of other independent or opposition journalists in Iran.

We thank you for your attention to this most urgent matter of international importance.

Respectfully yours,

John Martin – ABC News (retired)

Yvonne Dunleavy – Journalist/Author

Ellen McCourt

Harriett Corporon

Jurt E. Luch

Keith Hu

Andrew Nagorski – EastWest Institute

Nancy Novick – NS Design

Richard Bucholz

Beth Knobel – Fordham University

Kirill Belyaninov – Kommersant Daily (Russia)

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