French weekly gives issue over to Haitian journalists

Courrier International
Courrier International

The French weekly Courrier International opened its columns on February 4 to Haitian print media journalists in a special edition being circulated worldwide. The paper’s managers did it to express solidarity with Haitian journalists following the earthquake, which completely paralyzed the publication of the country’s dailies.

The two dailies in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, Le Nouvelliste and Le Matin, were honored in the special edition. Haiti Liberté, a Haitian weekly based in Brooklyn, New York, also participated. 

Journalists with these three publications have provided an overview of the situation in Haiti, recounting losses of all kinds, assessing the damage in affected areas, and, especially, underscoring prospects for Haitian society following the tragedy.

The editor-in-chief of Le Matin, Daly Valet, said Courrier International edition is the first of its kind for the Haitian press. He told CPJ that such an initiative is not just a gesture of solidarity with the Haitian media, but also moral and professional support for Haitian journalists. Revenues from the sale of the special issue of Courrier International will go into a special fund earmarked to assist victims of the January 12 disaster, Valet said, stressing that the collaboration between Courrier International and the Haitian media would continue beyond the special edition on Haiti. Valet said the French weekly’s also paid journalists for their work.

Courrier International has also called on donors to assist the oldest newspaper in Haiti, Le Nouvelliste, which, since January 12, has been without a printing press. The paper’s first special issue following the earthquake was published from an obsolete privately owned press. According to Max Chauvet, Venezuelan technicians will assess the Le Nouvelliste’s equipment this week.

Although the weekly Haïti Liberté is printed in the U.S., it faces other difficulties. Its circulation in Haiti has been suspended since the earthquake. Yet, a representative from the paper told CPJ that with the resumption of flights of cargo planes to Port-au-Prince, Haïti Liberté will soon resume its circulation.  

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