Saberi joyful about Lee, Ling homecoming

August 5, 2009 11:57 AM ET

Roxana Saberi, who was imprisoned in Iran for nearly four months, published a statement on her personal Web site to Euna Lee and Laura Ling after their release from North Korea on Tuesday. Saberi had previously expressed her support for the two imprisoned journalists in an interview with CPJ on June 9.

"I would like to join the many other well-wishers around the world in expressing joy at the news that Laura and Euna have been released. The two journalists have shown great strength during an extremely challenging time. Our thoughts and prayers have been with them and will continue to be as they return home, reunite with their loved ones and heal from all they have experienced during these past few months."


I am so happy and my eyes are tearing to see two ladies free to their home.

Former presdent Mr Bill Clinton does a very good job, without his help we don't know when and how to relese these two ladies.

I admire him very much, no matter how people say bad thing about hime, hell with them, it dosn't matter anymore, he saves tow lifes.

Thank you Mr Bill Clinton.

CK Chang

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