CPJ responds to Sri Lankan defense secretary

February 2, 2009 1:33 PM ET

In response to Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's public comments disavowing any official responsibility for attacks on Sri Lankan journalists and warning international broadcasters they will be "chased away" for a reporting bias against the government, we issued this statement...

"Sri Lankan Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's recent statements in the Sri Lankan press and on the BBC are part of the government's media offensive to silence critics inside and outside of the country," said Bob Dietz, CPJ's Asia program coordinator. "Foreign and local journalists are right to be concerned about these attempts to intimidate the media."

Dietz has just returned from a week in Sri Lanka investigating reports of attacks on journalists. He is quoted extensively today in a CNN.com story examining the media climate in Sri Lanka.


You guys are doing a good job exposing dangers to journalists in Sri Lanka, but not doing enough to stem the genocide going one there. Conatac me and i will send you pictures.

Rajan Sriskandarajah February 13, 2009 10:06:23 PM ET

exactly rajan. nobody is caring about the genocide against tamil people by bloody srilankan army planned by srilankan president MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE and his brother the defence secretray RAJAPAKSE. why? we r human too right? we have humans right too right? why the world is quite? IT'S PROVEN BY ICRC THAT THERE IS A GENOCIDE.IT'S PROVEN BY professor FRANCIS BOYLE at the university of illinois college of law. WHY THE WORLD IS QUITE?WHY THE U.S. IS QUITE? PLS STOP THE GENOCIDE. LIKE RAJAN SAID I HAVE PICS TOO. CONATACE ME I WILL PROVE IT TO ANYONE THAT THERE IS A GENOCIDE BY BLODDY SRILANKAN GOVERNMENT AGAINST TAMIL PEPOLE.

Dear sir, Srilankan genocide war started in 1948.World should understand this.SLG has no interest in democratic systems. That is why tamils around the world support the LTTE.

sivakumaran sivaguru February 14, 2009 4:47:04 AM ET

I think there should be a concerted effort by ALL Tamils around the world (Global) to take this matter to ICJ or the War Tribunal for war crimes & Genocide by the Sri Lankan government, with all the pics, evidents, witnesses, victims & mass graves still in our hands as evidence. An embargo should be imposed on SL failing to comply with the International Community (IC). SL government should be brought down to the kness just like Irag & hang the SL PM, Defence Sec & those comcern or involved just like Sadamm Hussein & gang!!!

mm, quite a lot of off-topic hatred on this topic! seems like many have run away from the SL army and found refuge behind a computer. good for you guys. btw, chances are the next guy to be hung is Praba - that is if he forgot to carry his cyanide with him. Wait - maybe he won't be as "brave" as his brainwashed followers anyway...

Dear CH,

You should read Tamils history in Sri Lanka. [ http://www.scribd.com/share/upload/9116122/1j1oov9fbezawm7n50h4 ]

Tamils do not want to live as second citizens in their own lands.

LTTE is just a way for us to claim autonomy in Sri Lanka.

Tamils used to have their own separate state in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), before the British Colonial Power came to Sri Lanka and combined the two independent states within for their administrative convenience.
[ http://www.scribd.com/doc/12754972/Tamils-History-in-SriLanka ]

We want your motto to be Live and Let us live. The Tamils have gone through enough marginalization, torture, rape and killings from Sri Lankan Government(s) & Army so far.

It would not be possible to heal the wounds of Tamils other than having Tamils Autonomy.

If you don't like LTTE, leave them to Tamils. Once you leave our regions to us, we will decide what to do with LTTE. If they would hinder our development or freedom (since you say they are terrorists), then we would have to fight them too. But that is our problem, we will deal with LTTE. However, Sri Lankan Government(s) can never represent Tamils' interests as they have disqualified themselves with 60 years of bad reputation. [ http://www.nowpublic.com/world/under-reported-underdogs ]

Tamils will win autonomy in Sri Lanka with or without LTTE. These are the lands where our forefathers governed and Tamils culture and lives flourished. The Sri Lankan Government(s) can only make Tamils refugees in our own lands; kill Tamils with out any independent media reporting; torture and rape young Tamils in the refugee camps; starve Tamils to death; deny medicines to Tamils and etc, etc.

What is that the Sri Lankan Government is trying to keep? The regions Tamils are asking for belong to Tamils by historical evidence.

We will emerge again in our Tamils regions. We will flourish once again. We will once again live happily in these lands. It may not happen in my life time or even in my son’s life time, but it will.

Until then, not only Tamils, but the Sinhalese also will pay the price for Tamils autonomy. The country’s economy will suffer and stability will be scarce. Everybody will suffer, but for what purpose?

I am not saying this as a challenge, but it is just a matter of fact. That’s all.

I am very happy with the work cpj.org has done. They have brought to the world that there is a media ban in Sri Lanka.

If a government is fighting a fair war via fair avenues, why ban media? Just think about it.

So, to everybody who says LTTE a terrorist organisation...

1)Let LTTE be a terror organisation. Let me explain them in their own words.

Those who support the Srilankan army offensive say this is their war on terror.

They have accepted a word terror.
If any government have to fight terror,they have to identify the root cause of terror.

So whats the root cause.

simply evident from current and past happenings..the cause for terror in lanka is genocide of the first and foremost native people of sri lanka .i.e. the Tamil peoples.

Genocide in srilanka started as early as 1940's.But nobody cared.some 40 years of Gandhian(non-violent)struggle never gave a solution to the lankan offensive.

when a native ethnic group is beaten to death
in all forms and when their protests are peaceful,the so called human rights organisation and UNO never see whats happening,but when the oppressed stand on their legs and start giving back what they got for generations, the whole world will utter a single sentence "Acts of terror".

If this is an act of terror to condemn, what is the action taken by the so called western human rights watchdogs and westernised thinkers of the FOLLOWING STATE SPONSORED TERRORISMS all over the world.

1)Genocide of tamils in lanka before and after the appearance of an armed struggle.

2)Genocide of tamils By the indian peace keeping force(IPKF) i.e the indian raping and killing army.

2)Genocide of the people of developing and third world countries in the name of globalization and economic policies.

3) promoting genocide by keeping arms selling business as a means of developing the economy and the strategic interests of their own.

4) colonialization of the third wold countries thus paving the way for unresolved disputes all over the world.

5)Merging and integrating, in the name of a nation, just for the sake of administration of the colonializing powers.

6)Letting them free after several decades thus by handing over the merged colonialized states to the majority people paving the way for minorities genocide.

SRILANKA IS SUCH A country of two independent states such as Tamil Eelam and ceylon governed by the respective kings.They have been captured and merged by the British before generations and after independence handed over to majority sinhalese people.

The abovesaid mistakes has been done all over the world like India, pakistan indonesia, malaysia,African countries,latin american countries, etc..

In India more than 25 national identity people have their respective homelands which was merged by the british and let free under the national identity INDIA.

for example in the north eastern states when people from other parts of india visits there,they will not ask from which state the people of other Indian states are coming.Instead they will ask ,Are u coming from India?They are unable to digest that they have been forcibly occupied by the Indian army.

So the list goes on like this .To those who says an armed resistance as terror, what are the actions taken by them to control the above said matters..No.. no.. no.. nobody should ask the westerners and their governments about these as they are the deciders of fate for the strong 6 billion poulation of this world.

So, the western people have created an influential sphere that, what they decide should be the fate of others especially the third world countries.Now through globalization and strategic interests they have given a new sight into terrorism and Human rights. They have taken the patent rights for using and modifying the words such as terrorism, human rights, UNO,ceasefire,refugees,freedom,armed struggle etc.. Those who want to use this words for expression should go and search the corridors of money and strategic power interests at UNO, Western human rights organization for the meaning of those words.Now nobody should use an oxford dictionary for the meanings...


Hey LTTE supporters,

Sri Lanka is winning and there is nothing youcan do about it.. *snicker*

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