Two publications suspended in Gabon

OCTOBER 27, 2008

Le Mbadja
Le Scribouillard

The National Communications Council (CNC) suspended bimonthly Le Mbadja and weekly Le Scribouillard from circulation for allegedly violating journalism ethics, according to journalists in the capital, Libreville.

The suspension occurred one week after the CNC asked editors from 11 newspapers to stop using nicknames for politicians. Guy Pierre, managing editor of Mbadja told CPJ that the paper was, for instance, referring to Prime Minister Jean Eyeghe Ndong as a “gentle Hutu of Nkendo” and Foreign Minister Paul Toungui as a “demigod” or “the Prince of Lungo,” his birth village.

Le Mbadja was suspended for two months. Le Scribouillard faced one month’s suspension.