Press freedom in the news 12/11/08

The Lebanon-based Web site Menassat has an article today about the continued detainment of Reuters cameraman Ibrahim Jassam, currently the only known journalist being held by the US military. A local Iraqi court has urged the military to release Jassam, who was arrested on September 2, as there is no evidence against him. 

The article cites CPJ’s advocacy in the case and quotes CPJ’s Frank Smyth: “In every case they have hinted at possible allegations but have never charged [the detained journalists] by law. An allegation is not a charge. Either charge them with the crime or release them.”

Also on the Web today is a post by CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney on The Guardian‘s Comment is Free” blog. The post further examines CPJ’s finding that online journalists now make up the majority of journalists jailed for their work.