Press freedom in the news 12/05/08

Today there is more coverage of our annual census of imprisoned journalists, a list of 125 journalists in jail, 56 of whom are online journalists, released yesterday.

The report has drummed up interest on some Internet-focused Web sites with SlashdotSilicon Valley Insider, and the Los Angeles Times technology blog all running stories on the report’s finding that the majority of those imprisoned in 2008 are online journalists. Traditional news outlets have also covered the report’s release, with stories appearing from Agence France-PressReuters Alertnet, American Thinker, Menassat, Ireland’s RTE News, Zimbabwe TimesWashington Timesas well as the Burmese exile-run Mizzima Web site.

Also in the news today, Venezuela’s El Universal newspaper has coverage of our alert released yesterday expressing concern at the investigation of private broadcaster Globovisión. The article quotes CPJ’s Carlos Lauria: “The investigation into critical private broadcaster Globovisión for alleged violations of Venezuelan regulations is another attempt by the government of President Hugo Chávez Frías to control the flow of information and restrict news coverage.”