Press freedom in the news 10/15/08

The attempted poisoning of Russian human rights lawyer Karinna Moskalenko, who is representing the family of Anna Politkovskaya, is the focus of a story in The New York Times this morning. The article cites our alert on the incident and raises concerns about the poisoning, which sickened Moskalenko only days before pretrial hearings in the Politkovskaya murder case.

The Middle East Times is running an article this morning about a possible downturn in media freedom in Egypt after fines were levied against two journalists in a defamation case over the weekend. The story reports that this development has put a damper on some of the optimism felt after the presidential pardon of influential Egyptian editor Ibrahim Essia on October 6.

Finally today, the Miami-based Web site Cubanet has a Spanish-language interview online with Laura Pollán Toledo, wife of 2008 IPFA winner Hector Maseda Gutiérrez