Press freedom in the news 10/08/08

The Associated Press has coverage today of our letter to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez expressing concern at the growing violence Venezuela. The Spanish-language Web site of Univision is also running the AP story.

The South Africa-based Web site Daily Dispatch Online has a story today about the troubled Zimbabwe media.

 Also making news today is the institution of a telephone hotline to help endangered journalists in Iraq. Reuters has coverage of this story and reports that many journalists in Iraq are still working in fear despite this new attempt by the government to help protect them.

The New Times, a magazine, has Russian-language coverage of the letter we sent on September 26 to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev urging him to stop barring critical international journalists from entering the country.

Finally this morning, the Lebanese Web site Menassat is running CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney’s report “A California Dream” about Iraqi cameraman Jehad Ali’s brush with death and subsequent journey to the U.S. to seek medical treatment.