A freed Yemeni editor offers thanks

Yemeni editor Abdel Karim al-Khaiwani walked out of a Sana’a prison today after being granted a presidential pardon. The outspoken journalist was serving a six-year prison term on what were widely seen as retaliatory antistate charges. Al-Khaiwani, whose case was the focus of a CPJ advocacy campaign, offered his gratitude.

I thank the Committee to Protect Journalists. It had a vital role in standing with me during all stages of the case, and I feel that CPJ had a huge role in the achievement that we gained today.

We need solidarity campaigns to boost freedom. We are sacrificing for the sake of creating a real freedom.

We feel that the world is on our side–the international [press freedom] organizations and the Committee to Protect Journalists. They are all supporting us, showing solidarity with us. We are not alone. I was not alone to face the ordeal because I felt that all the organizations were with me. The Committee to Protect Journalists was with me from the beginning, so I felt strong.