Olympics: RFA reporter still barred

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We released another alert about Dhondup Gonsar today. He’s the Tibetan RFA reporter who is stuck in Hong Kong waiting for a visa that RFA was told had been set aside for him and RFA’s Mandarin service reporter Jill Ku Martin. We first raised Dhondup’s case on August 7, and have stayed in touch with him. Jill did make it to Beijing on time, Dhondup is still here.

Dhondup Gonsar (RFA)
Dhondup Gonsar (RFA)

Visa problems for the Beijing Games are not new. I’ve discussed them before, but a lot of the cases I mentioned wanted to remain anonymous in the hopes that the barrier would be lifted and they would finally get permission to go to China.

We quoted Dhondup briefly in today’s alert, but here’s a longer interview with him that I did when I met with him this afternoon: aug 20 gonsar intvu.mp3