Olympics: CPJ hotline to handle press freedom issues

CPJ has set up a press freedom hotline for journalists in China covering the Olympic Games. At +852 6717 0591, the CPJ hotline will take calls in English or Mandarin from journalists facing censorship, threats, attacks, or other press freedom abuses. CPJ Asia Program Coordinator Bob Dietz, who is reporting from Hong Kong during the Games, will be monitoring calls to the hotline.


CPJ will assist callers by taking appropriate action in consultation with the journalist affected. There are a variety of things we can do such as publicizing press freedom abuses, passing along messages from journalists in need, providing support through volunteer lawyers, or making calls to Chinese authorities when necessary.


CPJ strives to be available to all journalists in need everywhere in the world. You can always reach us at (212) 465-1004, [email protected], or though our regional programs. We set up the hotline because we want to be prepared for the potentially large volume of cases from China during the Games–and we want to be prepared to respond at all hours.