Policeman beats up photographer for taking his picture

DECEMBER 6, 2007

 Posted December 28, 2007

Sarl George Baryamwisaki, The New Times



Baryamwisaki, a photographer for the pro-government daily The New Times, was beaten up by a policeman and was later detained for two hours at the Remera police station along with his colleague, reporter Ignatius Ssuuna. The policeman handcuffed Baryamwisaki and beat him for half an hour after Baryamwisaki took photos of the policeman arresting street hawkers outside Giporoso Taxi Park in Remera, a Kigali City suburb, according to Baryamwisaki and local journalists.

Baryamwisaki showed the officer his journalist credentials but the policeman held a gun to Baryamwisaki’s head, handcuffed him and beat him for half an hour, he told CPJ. Ssuuna ran to report the case to the local Remera Police Station, only to be arrested by the group of police officers at the station.


The New Times senior editors visited the police station and negotiated the journalists’ release. According to the commissioner general of the police, Andrew Rwigamba, the police officer is currently under arrest and “is likely” to be sacked from the police force for gross misconduct. Baryamwisaki was hospitalized after his release and plans to take legal action against the Remera police station.