Reporter forcibly detained over political footage

DECEMBER 31, 2007
Posted January 18, 2008

Muneeza Jahangir, Geo TV
According to the Asian Human Rights Commission, Jahangir, a reporter for Geo TV,  was filming torn posters and banners of political parties in Lahore. Armed men ordered Jahngir, her sister Sulema, and some of their friends to follow them to the Pakistan Muslim League Q (PML-Q) headquarters. When they resisted, according to the AHRC, the men beat them and forced them to go to the PML-Q’s headquarters. The women were released several hours later after Jahangir’s mother Asma, a prominent human rights activist, went to the building but was refused entry and then called police to the scene. AHRC reported Jahangir was ordered to hand over her videotape before she would be allowed to leave the building.