BELIZE: Journalist beaten outside home in Belize City

OCTOBER 2, 2007
Posted December 19, 2007

Rufus X, Krem Radio, Krem TV

An unidentified assailant attacked Rufus X, host of news programs on local Krem TV and Krem Radio, outside his home in Belize City, breaking his arm with an iron rod, according to reports on the local press.

The journalist was entering through the gate that surrounds his home at 10 p.m. on October 2 when an unidentified man approached the car he was traveling in, reported the Belize City-based biweekly Amandala. The assailant then began hitting him with an iron rod. The journalist covered his face with his arm while the attacker beat him repeatedly, said local press reports. As the electronic gate began to close, the assailant ran out, leaving the iron bar behind. The journalist’s arm was broken in two places, according to reports in the local press.

In an interview with Channel 5 Belize, Rufus X said he believed the attacks were retaliation for the political stand of the radio and television stations where he works.

According to press reports, police are investigating the incident but have not made any detentions.