GABON: Intelligence agents question journalist over critical report

Posted October 12, 2007

Nicaise Moulombi, Croissance Saine EnvironmentHARASSED

Intelligence agents in the capital, Libreville, questioned Nicaise Moulombi, member of Gabon’s Council of the Republic and director of the private monthly Croissance Saine Environment, for two hours over a report in August alleging fraud in a public construction project, according to news reports.

About eight agents attempted to force Moulombi into a car, but failed to arrest him after he resisted the move, according to local journalists. He later went to their offices on his own will, accompanied by fellow council members, according to the same sources.

The article alleged that a contractor had built a wharf in the port of the commercial city of Port-Gentil with reused materials, Moulombi told CPJ. He was released without charge.