Assailants fire shots at TV host’s car

SEPTEMBER 13, 2007
Posted September 25, 2007

Ricardo Borges, TV Carajás

Two individuals fired shots at a car parked outside the home of television reporter Borges in Campo Mourão in the southern state of Paraná, reported the Brazilian press. No one was injured.

Early on September 13, two men fired the four shots at a car marked with the logo of local television station TV Carajás. According to the local press, Borges, who hosts a crime program on TV Carajás, was in the house at the time of the attack and he was not injured. The shots hit the side of the car, breaking glass, said the Brazilian press.

The local police are investigating the attack, which was filmed by a security camera, reported the local press. Borges, known for his controversial commentary on the air, told local reporters he believed the attack is linked to his television show but he did not elaborate.