SOMALIA: Police detain nine journalists from a leading Mogadishu broadcaster

AUGUST 10, 2007
Posted August 17, 2007 Nimo Hassan Abdi, Radio Shabelle
Aideed Abdirahman, Radio Shabelle

Cali Ajeey, Radio Shabelle
Jafar Mohamed Kukay, RadioShabelle

Abdinor Mohamed Kediye, Radio Shabelle
Muawiye Muudeey, Radio Shabelle

Mustafa Hussein Omar, Radio Shabelle
Ahmed Tajir, Radio Shabelle
Bile Abdulahi Ali, Radio Shabelle

A police-led squad of soldiers from Somalia’s Ethiopian-backed government raided the studios of leading independent broadcaster Radio Shabelle in the capital, Mogadishu, forcing the station off the air. They arrested eight journalists and a technician, according to news reports.

Police released eight of those arrested after three hours, but accused reporter Ali of airing a false story that alleged that officers had deserted a police station attacked by suspected Islamist fighters earlier that day, according to Radio Shabelle. He was held for 48 hours and released without charge.