Protesters detain cameraman

August 27, 2007
POSTED September 12, 2007

Edwin David Hernández, Star Chanel

Hernández, cameraman for the news program “Noti Star” on national cable channel Star Chanel, was held for more than three hours by protesters in the central Baja Verapaz province, he told CPJ.

Hernández said several masked men stopped him at 11 a.m. on August 27 as he was on his way to cover a protest against the local mayor in the city of Cubulco. The unidentified men told Hernández they were holding him in order to stop him from filming the faces of the people who were participating in the protest, Hernández told CPJ. Hernández was released at 2:30 p.m. after the protest was over.

Hernández told CPJ he informed local authorities. The cameraman said Star Chanel had provided him with security after the incident.