RWANDA: Police interrogate two journalists, press them to reveal sources

JUNE 28, 2007
Posted July 17, 2007

Charles Kabonero, Umuseso
Gasana Didas, Umuseso

Director Kabonero and editor Didas, of the leading independent newspaper Umuseso, were interrogated for three hours in a police station in the capital, Kigali, local journalists told CPJ. They were pressed to reveal their sources in connection with three articles reporting judicial probes against two public figures, including the country’s police commissioner.

The questioning was triggered by June 13 and 25 articles reporting criminal prosecutions in South Africa against affluent businessman Tribert Rujugiro, an influential member of the ruling FPR party, Kabonero later told CPJ. Police reprimanded the journalists for using a photo of Rujugiro in the company of President Paul Kagamé, according to Kabonero. 

The journalists were also questioned about a June 28 article reporting the alleged three-day house arrest of Rwanda’s police chief in connection with a probe into the theft of construction materials at a government site, he said. Police officials denied the report.

The journalists were subsequently released without charge.