NICARAGUA: Local officials threaten reporter with death

FEBRUARY 14, 2007
Posted February 21, 2007

William Aragón, La Prensa

Aragón, a correspondent in the northern Madriz province for the Managua-based daily La Prensa, received death threats from local government officials after reporting on local government corruption, the journalist told CPJ.

On February 14, three members of the ruling Sandinista Front (FSLN) advised Aragón to acquire a bulletproof vest and a police helmet for his personal security. According to Aragón, the three men said they had attended a meeting with other FSLN members, where they had planned to kill him.

Aragón believes the threats are linked to two articles he wrote on alleged government corruption that were published on February 5 in La Prensa.

The journalist said that he lodged a complaint on February 15 with local authorities.