MEXICO: Local government supporters attack two radio reporters

JANUARY 24, 2007
Posted February 14, 2007

Emilio Santiago, Radio Calenda
Darío Campos, Radio Calenda


Santiago and Campos, reporters for the San Antonino de Velasco-based Radio Calenda, were attacked by local government supporters while covering a grassroots community council meeting in the southern Oaxaca State, Campos told CPJ. Following the attack, Santiago was detained and held for at least three hours.

Campos and Santiago were covering a grassroots community council meeting in San Antonino de Velasco when Municipal President Joel Lopez Sánchez and at least 50 government supporters broke into the meeting and attacked council members and the two reporters, Campos told CPJ. The assailants hit Campos and Santiago with sticks, and punched them on the face and legs, while threatening to kill Campos’ mother and to destroy Radio Calenda’s offices, said Campos.

Campos said Santiago managed to escape while he was arrested. Government officials took him and 13 council members to local government offices, where they were held for at least three hours, Campos told CPJ.

Campos said that he lodged an official complaint with the Ministry of Interior on January 25 but local police had not begun an investigation.