Journalist attacked after report on abuses at local orphanage

DECEMBER 26, 2006
Posted: December 29, 2006

Laura Rómoli, Agencia Nova

Rómoli, a reporter for Agencia Nova, was attacked by a woman and two men who burst into the news agency’s office days after a report on alleged abuses at a local orphanage in La Plata, capital of Buenos Aires province.

The female assailant grabbed Rómoli by the hair and punched her repeatedly, Agencia Nova reported. Rómoli said the attackers threatened her and caused damage to the office before a security guard intervened. According to the news agency, two men were detained but the woman fled.

Rómoli told Agencia Nova that she believed the attack was retaliation for a December 21 story on orphanage abuses. Rómoli filed an official complaint with local authorities, the news agency reported.