Reporter detained for two days

SEPTEMBER 15, 2005
Posted: September 22, 2006

Ahmed Rodríguez Albacia, Jóvenes sin censura


Rodríguez, an independent reporter for the news agency Jóvenes sin censura, was detained by police in Havana while reporting on the situation of a human rights activist. No charges were filed against Rodríguez, who was released on September 17.

The reporter told CPJ that local police arrested him after he went to a police station to inquire on a human rights activist who had been detained earlier that day. The officer told Rodríguez that he would have to stay at the station in order to stop him from spreading more lies.

Rodríguez was kept in a cell with other men until 5 p.m. on September 17 when he was released without an explanation.

Rodríguez, who also reports for the U.S.-based Radio Martí as well as several news Web sites outside Cuba, told CPJ that local authorities had warned him previously about his journalism. Police told him that if he continued working as an independent journalist, he would go to jail.