Journalist held over article criticizing the army

September 3, 2006
Posted: September 13, 2006

Duke Atangana Etotogo, Afrique Centrale


Etotogo, director of the new private monthly magazine Afrique Centrale, was arrested by the Division of Military Security (SEMIL) of the defense ministry in the capital Yaoundé after publishing an article criticizing the army.

Etotogo was asked to reveal the sources for the article, which appeared in the inaugural August 28 edition of Afrique Centrale, according to Jean-Marc Soboth, Secretary-General of the Cameroon National Journalists’ Union.

Etotogo was released September 7 after writing a letter of apology over the article to President Paul Biya and Defense Minister Remy Ze Meka, according to Venant Mboua, director of the private monthly Cahiers de Mutations.