Documentary crew attacked by Mexico City police

SEPTEMBER 15, 2006
Posted: October 13, 2006

Miguel Angel Fuentes Cortina, Canal 6 de julio
Juan Pablo Ramos Jiménez, Canal 6 de julio
Mario Viveros Barragán, Canal 6 de julio


A group of Mexico City police officers attacked Viveros, Ramos, and Fuentes, a documentary producer and two cameramen, while they were filming the violent detention of a group of young people at a political demonstration. The documentary makers said that they repeatedly showed their press credentials while they were being attacked.

Viveros, Ramos, and Fuentes walked to downtown Mexico City around 11 p.m. to film a demonstration against the results of the July presidential election. Viveros told CPJ that he began filming when he saw Mexico City police aggressively arresting a group of young people.

One of the officers walked over to Viveros and pushed him onto the floor, while Viveros handed the camera to Ramos. Following the aggression, Viveros and the two cameramen presented their press credentials and were allowed to keep shooting.

Viveros said that Ramos continued to film as the violence escalated and more officers were called to the scene, until a policeman covered the camera with his cap. A higher ranking officer then asked Ramos to hand over the camera. When he refused, the officer pushed him and grabbed the camera, while Viveros and Fuentes shouted that they were members of the press and showed their credentials.

A group of at least 20 police officers then surrounded them and beat them with sticks. Viveros and Fuentes were pushed to the side, while Ramos was shoved into the middle. Viveros told CPJ that policemen hit Ramos with sticks, threw him onto the floor and continued to kick him and his camera.

Viveros said that they presented an official complaint to the Ministry of Interior and to the Mexico City Human Rights Commission. Ramos was taken to a local hospital, where he received medical attention.