SINGAPORE: Critical writer’s column cancelled

JULY 6, 2006
Posted: July 10, 2006

Lee Kin Mun,
The state-owned free tabloid Today cancelled the column of Lee Kin Mun, who writes under the name of Mr. Brown. Lee is also a well-known blogger in Singapore. Lee’s June 30 satirical newspaper column, “Singaporeans are fed up with progress,” criticized the government for announcing hikes in transportation and electricity costs only after general elections had been held in May.

In an explanation of the decisions, which Today published on July 3, K. Bhavani, press secretary to the Minister of Information, Communications and the Arts, said, “It is not the role of journalists or newspapers in Singapore to champion issues, or campaign for or against the government.”

Today’s online promotional material says the paper’s slogan is “We set you thinking”. “The paper’s news comment columns—written by staff and a wide range of contributors and covering both local and global issues—are a particular strength,” the paper says about itself at .