Online reporter arrested

June 26, 2006
Posted: July 28, 2006

Hussein Yasin Godegode,

Police in the northeastern region of Puntland arrested online journalist Godegode in the city of Galkayo after he wrote critical reports about the regional authorities there, according to the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and another CPJ source. Godegode works for, an independent news Web site on Somalia.

The arrest was ordered by an official of the Puntland finance ministry, NUSOJ reported. The director of the local community station Radio Galkayo, Hassan Mohamed Jammah, told CPJ that Godegode’s arrest may have been linked to his investigations into the closure of a hospital in Galkayo, which had been run by the international nongovernmental organization MSF-Holland.

Godegode was released without charge on June 27, NUSOJ reported.