Radio reporter attacked

May 2, 2006
Posted: May 8, 2006

Camelo Luís de Sá, Quiterianópolis FM


Sá, a reporter with the community radio station Quiterianópolis FM in the northeastern state of Ceará, was shot twice in the arm at the station’s offices, according to the local news agency Agencia Nordeste. Sá is known for criticizing the local mayor.

An assailant stormed into the radio station and fired five shots at Sá, the local press reported. Two bullets struck the journalist in his right arm. He was taken to a local hospital, and released the next day.

Local police said witnesses identified the gunman as Antonio Valceni Vieira Filho, son of Quiterianópolis mayor Francisco Vieira da Costa, according to local press reports. Two days after the incident, Vieira turned himself in to the police. Vieira was released after questioning. Police said he would face charges of attempting to kill Sá.

According to the daily newspaper O Povo, Vieira said that he shot at Sá because the journalist defamed his family in a radio program.