Radio host harassed by public official

MAY 8, 2006
Posted: June 1, 2006

Octavio Carvajal, STC Noticias


Carvajal, host of the opinion program “Zonas de Debates” and the news show “Más que Noticias” for the Tegucigalpa-based radio station STC Noticias, was attacked and threatened by an official of the local telecommunications company Hondutel. Carvajal believes the attack was motivated by his criticism of the government.

After leaving his house in the morning, Carvajal was approached by the Honduran official Marcelo Chimirri, the journalist said. The official threatened Carvajal, and damaged his car door. According to Carvajal, Chimirri warned him that he would hurt him and his family if he did not stop lying.

Later that day, Chimirri called the radio station and threatened Carvajal again during the program, according to STC Noticias director Rodolfo Montalbán. Chimirri told CPJ said that Carvajal was making comments about his personal life, and demanded a retraction. The official denied attacking the reporter.

On May 8, Carvajal presented a complaint to the Attorney General’s Office.