Journalist attacked and threatened by local official

MAY 8, 2006
Posted: May 12, 2006

Hugo Basso, La Tribuna

Basso, director of the Rufino-based weekly La Tribuna, was attacked by a local official after taking his photograph at a municipal meeting in the central province of Santa Fé, according to news reports and an interview with the journalist.

Basso was covering a regular meeting of the local council, the journalist told CPJ. Before the meeting started, Basso said, he took a photograph of Rufino Treasury Secretary Juan Carlos Peró.

Peró said he didn’t want to be photographed and struck Basso in the chest, the journalist told CPJ. Basso said he is often critical of the local government, but he was not sure what prompted Peró’s reaction.

The incident was witnessed by a number of council members, according to Basso and press reports. Peró did not immediately comment. Basso filed a criminal complaint against Peró, and other local officials condemned the attack, according to press reports.