In Pakistan, cameraman killed while covering tribal violence

New York, May 30, 2006—The Committee to Protect Journalists condemns the killing of Munir Ahmed Sangi, a cameraman for the Sindhi-language Kawish Television Network (KTN). Sangi was shot on Monday afternoon while covering a gunfight between members of the Unar and Abro tribes in the town of Larkana, in southeast Pakistan’s Sindh district, according to local media reports.

At least one other person was killed in the clash, which Sangi recorded before he died. KTN broadcast his video.

Police said Sangi was killed in crossfire, although some colleagues believe he may have been deliberately targeted for the station’s reporting on a jirga, or tribal council, held by leaders of the Unar tribe, according to the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists. An uncle and colleague of Sangi had recently been attacked in connection with KTN’s reports that two children had been punished by the tribal court, PFUJ said.

“We mourn the death of our colleague Munir Ahmed Sangi, who was killed while performing his duties as a journalist,” said Ann Cooper, CPJ executive director. “We call for a thorough investigation into the circumstances of his death.”

Mazhar Abbas, secretary-general of the PFUJ, said Sangi’s body was not recovered for several hours after he was shot. The local police chief has suspended at least one police officer for negligence in the incident, according to media reports.

Journalists in Larkana staged a sit-in to protest the killing of their colleague.