Police attack cricket sports journalist

APRIL 16, 2006
Posted: April 25, 2006

Shamsul Haq Tunku, Prothom Alo
Anurup Titu, Dainik Purbokon
And about 50 other journalists

Senior sports photographer Shamsul Haq Tunku of the Bengali-language daily Prothom Alo was “accosted, thrown to the ground, kicked and beaten” by police, according to The Australian reporter Andrew Ramsey, for using the wrong entrance before the start of the opening of an Australia-Bangladesh cricket match. The situation escalated during lunch when about 20 baton-wielding police attacked about 50 reporters and photographers on the field outside the press box, where they were protesting the attack on Tunku. “At least 10 reporters and photographers were injured and five were taken to clinic for treatment,” one witness told Reuters. “Of the injured, Anurup Titu of Dainik Purbokon was admitted with a serious head injury to the Royal Hospital and underwent a surgery after CT scan in the afternoon. His condition was learned to be critical, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, editor and publisher of the weekly Blitz told CPJ.